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While Vericool is a very interesting company, founder Darrell Jobe is equally intriguing. http://patch.com/california/concord-ca/s/gr50l/ex-con-livermores-vericool-founder-gets-business-year-nod?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=business&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol
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Embattled Contra Costa Co. Assessor Gus Kramer Misses Court Date

Longtime county Assessor Gus Kramer did not appear in court for his scheduled arraignment on allegations of "willful or corrupt" misconduct. http://patch.com/california/concord-ca/s/gr4tv/embattled-contra-costa-co-assessor-gus-kramer-misses-court-date?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=politics%20%26%20government&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol
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Gig Workers Rally In Support Of AB 5 As Uber, Lyft Resist

Assembly Bill 5​​ would require companies to designate most independent contractors as employees. http://patch.com/california/concord-ca/s/gr4et/gig-workers-rally-support-ab-5-uber-lyft-resist?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=politics%20%26%20government&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol
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NEW: Pay For BART Parking Through App

BART is testing the new program at four stations before rolling it out to others later in the year. http://patch.com/california/concord-ca/new-pay-bart-parking-through-app-4-stations?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=traffic%20%26%20transit&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol


Letter: Loss of the state-tax deductions dramatically offset for high-income Californians by new law

Lower federal taxes offsetno state-tax deduction In the April 24 Mercury-News, syndicated columnist Dan Walters expresses concern that the elimination of state- and local-tax (SALT) deductibility in the recent federal tax law may cause high-income Californians to leave the state Read More