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BREAKING: A second case is under investigation. Both involved Americans evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship to Travis AFB. http://patch.com/california/concord-ca/s/h0q5p/coronavirus-first-napa-county-case-confirmed?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=health%20%26%20fitness&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol
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How California Ranks Nationally In Alcohol Death Rate

Information from the CDC shows that California ranks near the bottom for most alcohol related deaths. http://patch.com/california/concord-ca/s/h0p01/how-california-ranks-nationally-alcohol-death-rate?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=crime%20%26%20safety&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol
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Does Eating Less Meat Fight Climate Change? CA Study Says Yes

A global switch to meat-free diets would have a huge impact in the fight against climate change, a study by Loma Linda University shows. http://patch.com/california/concord-ca/s/h0ozz/eat-less-meat-fight-climate-change-ca-study-says?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=health%20%26%20fitness&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol


Letter: Latina candidate for Santa Clara County supervisor questions exclusion from community forum

Candidates’ exclusion from county forum questioned Equality begins with setting equal forum standards for all candidates for the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors District 4. After being excluded from the Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee’s recent forum, BAYMEC’s leadership Read More