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For the first time ever, Oscar Mayer is allowing its fans to stay in the Wienermobile. The company turned one of the 27 foot-long hot dogs on wheels into a camper. [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/wls/071719-weinermobile-6p-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/stay-overnight-in-oscar-mayers-wienermobile-during-lollapalooza-its-listed-on-airbnb.jpg"]

Video shows water pouring out of ceiling from leak at Embarcadero BART, Muni station in San Francisco

Water cascaded down from a ceiling at the Embarcadero BART station all morning after a Muni fire suppression test went wrong. [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/kgo/071819-kgo-ov-bart-waterfall-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/video-shows-water-pouring-out-of-ceiling-from-leak-at-embarcadero-bart-muni-station-in-san-francisco.jpg"]

CLEANING UP: Pittsburg women turn trash talk into trash action

“Everyone has an hour. I’m a Mom, I got two kids and I am very busy but I can come out for an hour and make a difference in my community.” [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/kgo/071519-kgo-ov-clean-pitt-gfx-cj-21-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/cleaning-up-pittsburg-women-turn-trash-talk-into-trash-action.jpg"]

Protests continue in Puerto Rico amid calls for governor to resign

Hundreds of pages of online chats between Rossello and members of his administration leaked, revealing the men mocking women, the handicapped and victims of Hurricane Maria. [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/wabc/071719-wabc-dolan-puertoprotest6p-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/protests-continue-in-puerto-rico-amid-calls-for-governor-to-resign.jpg"]

WATCH LIVE: Crews responding to fire along I-680 in Pacheco

Crews are on the scene of a 2-alarm grass fire at the intersection of Highway 4 and Interstate 680. [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/kgo/071619-kgo-sky7-pacheco-fire-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/watch-live-crews-responding-to-fire-along-i-680-in-pacheco.jpg"]

70 Years of ABC7: See the 1960s Bay Area through the lens of local TV

It was a time of innovation, transition, protest and change. Here’s a look at the Bay Area in the 1960s through the lens of local news in honor of ABC7’s 70th anniversary. [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/kgo/070819-kgo-ov-abc7-70th-history-part2-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/70-years-of-abc7-see-the-1960s-bay-area-through-the-lens-of-local-tv.jpg"]

Gas company worker killed, 15 people injured in explosion at Murrieta home

A gas company worker was killed and at least one person remains missing after an explosion and fire leveled a home in Murrieta, officials say. [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/kabc/071519-kabc-air7-raw-murrieta-explosion-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/gas-company-worker-killed-15-people-injured-in-explosion-at-murrieta-home.jpg"]

President Trump digs in after telling Congresswomen to leave the US

President Donald Trump on Monday emphatically defended his tweet calling on four Democratic congresswomen of color to go back to their “broken and crime infested” countries. [video src="https://vcl.abcotv.net/video/wabc/071519-wabc-einiger-trumpaoc6p-vid.mp4" poster="http://mayorofconcord.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/president-trump-digs-in-after-telling-congresswomen-to-leave-the-us.jpg"]

Divers Swim, Take Pictures With Oversized Jellyfish

Instead of swimming away from the barrel jellyfish that is larger than some shuman and can sting you, underwater cinematographer Dan Abbot swam toward it, capturing this stunning photo:Along with wildlife…Photo Credit: Dan Abbott – Underwater Cinematographer / Lizzie Daly – Wildlife Presenter …