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Letter: Deputies inspired to communicate with and respect everyone

Reduce crime but protectour freedoms and our lives

Re: “Slain Texas deputy devoted life to Sikh faith, serving others” (Mercurynews.com, Sept. 28):

Every week we hear on the news that yet again another person of color has died at the hands of law enforcement. How does a city that wants to prosper not see that something is wrong, that our way of policing needs to be reformed?

In Houston, Texas, a deputy named Sandeep Dhaliwal encouraged the building of connections and relationships with the community. Applying the Peelian principles of Sir Robert Peel, the sheriff’s department Sandeep Dhaliwal was a part of encouraged deputies to understand, respect and communicate with all segments of the population.

This way of policing can bring another view that everyone is a citizen, not just a minority you can add to the prison system based on racial profiling.

We all want to reduce crime rates but not at the cost of our freedoms or lives. We need to work in union to find a proper solution.

Cristal RodriguezSan Jose


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Source: East Bay Letter: Deputies inspired to communicate with and respect everyone

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