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Is Disney teaming up with a U.S. defense contractor on a fleet of X-wing drones?

Disney appears to have partnered with a United States defense contractor on a fleet of X-wing drones spotted flying over Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, according to a military news website.

Disney has been testing a pair of SUV-sized X-wing drones out of a staging area next to the Galaxy’s Edge themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, the Blog Mickey Disney fan site reported.

Disney has scheduled a media event beginning on Tuesday, Dec. 3 leading up to the grand opening of the highly-anticipated Rise of the Resistance attraction on Thursday, Dec. 5.

The multi-rotor drones used to power Disney’s X-wing starfighters look exactly like Boeing’s Cargo Air Vehicles, according to The War Zone, which specializes in defense and aviation news.

The 20-by-17-foot CAV drones, which are capable of carrying a 500-pound payload, were developed as part of Boeing’s NeXt initiative that produces next-generation unmanned aerial vehicles.

Disney’s X-wing drone design utilizes a tubular frame wrapped with a translucent material that makes the internally lit Star Wars spacecraft look extremely realistic in the night sky. Disney stows the X-wing drones out of sight during the day inside a 50-by-100-foot temporary tent set up in a parking lot behind Galaxy’s Edge, Blog Mickey reported.

A Disney and Boeing collaboration on the X-wing drone project could help the U.S. military develop perception manipulation tactics that are increasingly important in modern warfare, according to The War Zone.

Disney and Boeing have not commented on the reported X-Wing drone project.

An identical version of the Rise of the Resistance attraction debuts Jan. 17 in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland.

Source: East Bay Is Disney teaming up with a U.S. defense contractor on a fleet of X-wing drones?

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