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Injured Raiders safety Johnathan Abram delivers blindside hit on disaffected Raiders fans

Raiders safety Johnathan Abram may be out for the season with a shoulder injury, but he’s still in the game.

Recently Abram punked a handful of football fans, none of whom think much of the Silver and Black.

The ruse: Abram is a cameraman, disguised by a ball cap and glasses, part of an audio-visual crew filming a documentary on football fans who live in Oakland but can’t stand the Raiders.

FYI: The spoof was arranged by Bleacher Report and the nice folks from State Farm Insurance, because they don’t get near enough TV time on football Sundays.

The first question for the marks: What do you think of Raiders fans?

“Eh, they could be better,” says a guy wearing a New York Jets sweatshirt. “Raiders fans, they’re loyal fans but they’re blind. Like, get out of there. Root for someone else. Root for someone who has a chance, you know? And that’s coming from a Jets fan.”

Next up, a wise guy, apparently a comedian, wearing a Dolphins T-shirt.

“I was doing jokes and Sebastian Janikowski was actually in the audience,” the wise guy says. And he picked up his drink and he threw it at me. Then I remembered he was the kicker for the Oakland Raiders for 20 years. So as the drink was coming towards me, I just went like this (makes the touchdown sign). And that drink sailed 30 yards to the right. Missed me, missed the stage, missed everybody completely.”

Makes a good story, anyway.

Next up, a fan wearing a Khalil Mack No. 52 jersey. “I’m a free agent fan now,” the guy says. “I was a lifelong Raiders fan. December 2017 was my divorce. Derek Carr fumbled the ball out of the end zone. They traded my favorite player, Khalil Mack. They gave Gruden $100 million.”

“Jon Gruden? Pffffft,” says a guy wearing a 49ers hat. “Chucky doll at all times.”

Abram then gets into it with the comedian. All in fun.

“Who was the last great Dolphin player in the last 20 years?” he asks the comedian. “Probably Dan Marino,” the wise guy says.

“Man, when was that?” Abram asks. “I don’t think you were born then.”

“At least (Miami), they’re mediocre,” the comedian shoots back. “The Oakland Raiders are one 4-12 season away from having to put an eye patch on the other eye.”

Here comes Jets guy. “When’s the last time the Raiders went to a single AFC Championship game, man?”

Abram steps from behind his camera. “Hold on, something’s wrong with your microphone.”

“What do you think about Johnathan Abram,” the guy in charge asks.

“Dude a heavy hitter, but he can’t pronounce his silent L’s (click here for the inside joke).

Would you say that to his face?” 49ers guy is asked. “I might,” he says. “I don’t know. Imma be like this: I’m not a football player. I used to be in the club with Charles Woodson.

“Yo cat,” Abram says, “you wanna go to the club with me?”

“Damn, what?” the 49ers guy says, finally getting the joke.

What follows is a volley of exclamations that can’t be repeated on a family website. Suffice to say the prank had its desired effect. By the end of the session, Abram has convinced the marks to attend a Raiders game. SAL-mon dinner optional.


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