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Caltrain delayed after person is struck in Sunnyvale

A pedestrian was fatally struck by a Caltrain just north of the Sunnyvale station on Monday morning, Caltrain officials said.

The person on the tracks was struck around 6 a.m. by the No. 305 northbound train, Caltrain spokesperson Tasha Bartholomew said.

There were no injuries among the approximately 170 passengers aboard the train, Bartholomew said.

Delays of at least 30 minutes are expected throughout the system. The southbound track was reopened at restricted speeds shortly before 7 a.m.

No. 305, an express, was the third northbound train of the morning and was scheduled to reach San Francisco at 6:47 a.m.

This is Caltrain’s 16th fatality of the year. In 2018, there were 13.

Source: East Bay Caltrain delayed after person is struck in Sunnyvale

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