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SXSW’s best bands (and headed for the Bay Area): Hovvdy


From: Austin, Texas
Website: https://hovvdy.bandcamp.com
Twitter: @hovvdy2000
Bay Area show: May 10, 8 p.m., Swedish American Hall, San Francisco, $13, http://swedishamericanhall.com

SXSW hometown stars Hovvdy are part of two trends in rock: oddly spelled names, and quiet, chill pop. The band pronounces its name “howdy,” the double “v” serving as a “w,” as the Canadian band Alvvays (Always) does. In addition to the notable distinction in spelling, it makes the names oh so Googleable.

sxswhovvdycardAnd Hovvdy also follows in Alvvays’ footsteps in crafting pop tunes that are quiet, slow, whispery and pretty. Hovvdy’s engaging name for the newish genre: pillowcore.

Hovvdy is essentially a duet, former drummers Charlie Martin and Will Taylor, who met in 2014. Both have moved to the front line, playing guitar and  keyboards and singing, and a rhythm section they added completes the sound. The two each sing what they write, trading off lead duties all set long.

The sound is rich and relaxing even though the lyrics often revolve around less comfortable moments in the lives of the young songwriters.

In Austin the band focused on Hovvdy’s newest album, Cranberry, released a month before the festival. If anything, Cranberry doubles down on the pillowcore and is even quieter than the debut, Taster.

Source: East Bay SXSW’s best bands (and headed for the Bay Area): Hovvdy

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