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Quite the Lyft: Ride-sharer’s drivers reach $500 million in tips

There are some people you should always tip. Your barber or hairdresser. You might also want to give ten bucks to the AAA guy who got your truck out of a dumb position in a parking lot.

And while airline pilots are known for making pretty good salaries, I argue that if anyone deserves a $20 tip, it might be that guy who took that 737 across the Pacific and safely landed you on Maui.

siliconbeat logo tech news blogAnd it looks like Lyft drivers are benefiting from the generosity of their riders, as the ride-sharing company has made a special note of just how much passengers have tipped those who have driven them from place to place.

In a company blog post, Lyft noted that its drivers have now received $500 million in tips alone. To put that number in some perspective, it was just 10 months ago that Lyft said its drivers had reached $250 million in tips. Lyft also pointed out that it took four years for its drivers tip total to top $100 million.

Lyft said part of the reason it believes tips have boomed of late is because the company has offered the ability to give tips as a function within its ride-hailing app. The company noted that the biggest tips from some cities included a $270 tip given in San Jose, $400 from a rider in Tampa, Fla., and a $1,000 show of appreciation given by someone in New York.

To mark the milestone, Lyft gave a handful of its drivers who are also aspiring musicians a visit from singer Demi Lovato, tickets to a concert of hers in Miami, and free studio time to work on their music.

Source: East Bay Quite the Lyft: Ride-sharer’s drivers reach 0 million in tips

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