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Police: Southern California man hacked ex’s accounts, sent her 4,000 texts

By Keith McMillan | Washington Post

A California man’s alleged actions after a relationship ended went far beyond not taking a hint.

Police in Thousand Oaks arrested Raul Plancarte-Hernandez after they said he sent a woman about 4,000 text messages and made 300 phone calls, hacked into her social media, banking and cellphone accounts, and parked outside her home even after she moved out of town to get away from him.

Plancarte-Hernandez, 33, was arrested on June 7, charged with a misdemeanor count of stalking and taken to Ventura County Jail, according to a statement from Thousand Oaks police. He was arraigned Tuesday and held with bail set at $100,000.

Police did not name the 38-year-old woman, but when Plancarte-Hernandez was arrested, detectives located him hiding behind sunshades in a vehicle parked outside her home.

The woman briefly dated Plancarte-Hernandez in 2016, and in the year and a half since their breakup, he sent the texts and made the calls. It began, according to police documents, with those calls and messages “during all hours of the day and night.” When she blocked him, he continued to contact her using smartphone apps that allowed him to use different numbers.

Plancarte-Hernandez, police said, hacked into her social media sites, PayPal account, iCloud account and cellphone account, and made changes. When the woman altered her cellphone number, email address, Apple ID and all traces of herself online, he still contacted her.

When she moved to another city, he found her and sent threatening messages that referenced things he could only have known about if he’d been watching her recently, police said.

The public defender for Plancarte-Hernandez could not be immediately reached.

What police say Plancarte-Hernandez did is harrowing, but it’s not the most bizarre stalking case to make the news recently. In May, a 31-year-old Phoenix woman gave a jailhouse interview in which she seemed nonplussed about the 65,000 text messages she is alleged to have sent to a man she met on a dating site for millionaires.

She is accused of sending messages about wearing his body parts and threatening to kill him. She was arrested after the man, while out of the country, spotted her on his security cameras taking a bath in his house.

Source: East Bay Police: Southern California man hacked ex’s accounts, sent her 4,000 texts

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