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NBA Finals: Steve Kerr on lack of prep days ahead of Game 1

OAKLAND – Throughout the regular season, Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr has prioritized rest over record.

Now, with the NBA Finals coming just 48 hours after his team won their fourth consecutive Western Conference title, the two-time champion says he’s OK with the lack of days to prepare for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I think I’d rather get right into it even if you’re not quite as prepared,” Kerr said before the game. “Slightly under-prepared but in rhythm is better than over-prepared and waiting around for eight days.”

Following the Warriors’ 101-92 over the Rockets Monday night, the Warriors’ players had the day off Tuesday and practiced at Oracle Arena on Wednesday afternoon before a league-mandated media day. Conversely, the Cavaliers, who beat the Celtics Sunday night, took Monday off and practiced in Cleveland Tuesday before traveling to the Bay Area.

“Ty [Lue] gets it, too,” Kerr said. “Then you have eight days and you want to keep rhythm. And you feel like, well, we’ve got to scrimmage, because you never go eight days without a game regular season, then you scrimmage, and you’re praying that nobody gets hurt. So that’s a weird vibe. This is much better. But I think it leaves us, and Cleveland a little bit, too, I know they finished the day before us, but it leaves us slightly less prepared in terms of what we can go through. But I prefer it that way.”

While Kerr may prefer the lack of rest time, his team has not performed well under such circumstances, going 2-2 in the four games played this postseason when the team has had just two days to rest.

Source: East Bay NBA Finals: Steve Kerr on lack of prep days ahead of Game 1

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