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Letter: Sheriff candidate who acts with integrity deserves votes

Sheriff candidate who actswith integrity deserves vote

Re: “Laurie Smith has been an outstanding sheriff” (Letters to the Editor, May 4):

Letter-writer Donna Austin says that Laurie Smith is the best choice for sheriff. However, when I am able to vote for the first time this November, I will not be voting for Smith.

I consider the best candidate to be the individual who will most effectively maintain public safety and act with integrity. That is clearly not Smith. Michael Tyree’s murder revealed serious (and ultimately deadly) cultural problems inside the jails where she was responsible for ensuring the safety of both guards and inmates.

The accusations alone are troubling, but Smith’s blatantly unethical conduct while under investigation for sexual harassment, which includes taking evidence (“Tale of the tape,” Page A1, April 1), is inexcusable. Smith seems to believe that ethical conduct is mandated situationally, rather than universally, a stance which I am both unwilling and unable to support.

I will be voting for whom I believe to be best, for a candidate who demonstrates integrity, which is certainly not Smith.

Emma RyanSan Jose


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Source: East Bay Letter: Sheriff candidate who acts with integrity deserves votes

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