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Letter: Newsom-backed policies detrimental to the state

Newsom-backed policiesdetrimental to the state

Re: “Small donations add up for Newsom” (Page B1, June 10):

Newsom is the candidate for the masses? If the Los Banos woman quoted in the story is a native Californian and has witnessed the changes in our Golden State, she can’t be pleased.

Our once virtually free university and state college systems are now mills for student debt, over-compensated staff and a Petri dish for leftist politics.

She may remember when household utility costs were not a financial consideration. They are now a big ticket item, and our water management and power grids are at the breaking point.

Our unfunded pension liabilities should scare any serious student of economics. Much of our state exists in poor condition and our major cities are an embarrassment to anyone who has traveled.

I would submit to the author of the article that Gavin Newsom supports and has supported throughout his career policies that have been to the detriment of the state and to the tax-paying citizen.

Bill PackwoodPleasant Hill


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Source: East Bay Letter: Newsom-backed policies detrimental to the state

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