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Letter: Israel is doing what every sovereign nation must do

Israel is doing what everysovereign nation must do

Re: “Israel’s Lieberman blames Hamas over Gaza deaths” (Page A6, April 22):

Israel is doing what every sovereign nation must do: preventing a hostile mob from crashing through its border fence, and infiltrating and harming its citizens.

Hamas is bussing-in protesters (many reluctant) and ordering them to disregard Israel’s safety warnings, thus endangering their own lives. Many so-called “peaceful” protesters are Hamas terrorists, armed with explosives, throwing rocks at soldiers, burning tires and releasing flaming kites to set fire to Israeli fields.

Angry Gaza-Palestinians understand the “Return” march is a calculated distraction from Hamas lies, corruption and heartless neglect of Gazans. They know Hamas steals multi-millions in international aid earmarked for Gaza’s humanitarian crisis, water shortage and other urgent needs. Instead, Hamas uses the money to build attack tunnels to kidnap Israeli soldiers and murder Israelis.

Generations of Palestinians, born in Gaza, know that a “Return” to the Jewish state is impossible but “returning” to a Palestinian state is possible.

June BrottWalnut Creek


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Source: East Bay Letter: Israel is doing what every sovereign nation must do

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