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Letter: Celebration of 4/20 was inappropriately glorified

Celebration of 4/20 wasinappropriately glorified

Re: “A mellow 4/20 in SF, bummer in Santa Cruz” (Page A1, April 21):

Okay, so the recreational use of marijuana is now legal, but should the news media glorify it in such a way as to entice young people to try it?

Coverage of the 4/20 “smoke out” in San Francisco was presented with an edge that could be deemed attractive to most age groups, especially vulnerable youngsters. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree, but to me, sitting around high as a kite in a smoky haze in Golden Gate Park is a waste of a beautiful day.

What was the old saying? “Get high on life, not on drugs.”

Barbara NielsenDublin


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Source: East Bay Letter: Celebration of 4/20 was inappropriately glorified

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