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Crack the case at Murder at the Conservatory of Flowers

Step back in time and solve a crime at the Conservatory of Flowers’ mystery series, Murder at the Conservatory. The series pays tribute to the wood-and-glass greenhouse’s Victorian history.

Following the success of last year’s series, the second season is set at the turn of the 20th century where a brilliant young cryptographer is discovered murdered in the recently completed Conservatory.

Charismatic characters, clues, and puzzles will be weaved throughout the walkways of the tropical galleries, where the night will begin when guests are pulled deep into the crime scene to learn more about the murder at hand. The investigation begins as the crowd is drawn inside to investigate and interrogate suspects. If you’re lucky enough, Detective Burdock Loames may even offer some tips.

For a small additional cost, guests can peruse the Conservatory before the crowds with a guided tour exclusively highlighting the Conservatory’s Victorian heritage.


7-10pm, April 27; for tickets and more information, go to



(Drew Bird)

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