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Bob Melvin on Chapman’s injury, what he’d change about interleague

SAN DIEGO — There still isn’t much clarity as to how long Matt Chapman might be out, and that’s good news for A’s manager Bob Melvin.

The exact severity of the third baseman’s right hand contusion continues to be a mystery. Chapman met with both Dr. Steven Shin and never specialist Dr. Vernon Williams in Los Angeles Monday. Melvin said the symptoms checked out similar to the ones he experienced during spring training, when he received a cortisone shot and was shut down for a week.

Chapman received another shot Monday, this time with both cortisone and saline. Saline is often used to provide relief over the injured area of the muscle, which in this case was determined as the area near the base of Chapman’s right thumb.

“They looked at his thumb. There was some inflammation in there,” Melvin said before Tuesday’s game against the Padres. “We’re waiting to see if that takes care of it the next couple of days.”

In a best case scenario, Chapman would begin swinging a bat again Thursday. Melvin is hopeful that will be the case, but said the club would have a better idea for a timetable on Chapman Wednesday.

— With the A’s visiting a National League park Tuesday, A’s pitchers partook get to take part in batting practice over the two-game series. Melvin isn’t expecting much from his pitchers at the plate, the main thing is to just keep them healthy. Anything else is a plus.

“We hope that they get their bunts down,” Melvin said. “We would take a hit or two. We’ll see how that goes. If they can get some bunts down and move some runners over, we’d be happy with that.”

As for Major League Baseball potentially implementing a universal designated hitter at some point in the coming seasons, count Melvin as one of the managers against it.

Melvin is old school. He enjoys the uniqueness of the two leagues, but he did play armchair commissioner and gave his idea for spicing things up a bit during interleague play.

“If I were to change one thing, I would flip it where we come to a national league park and and the DH can hit and the pitchers hit in the American League park to give fans a different look.”

— Matt Joyce (back strain) went 3 for 5 with a double at Triple-A Nashville Tuesday. If all continues to go well, the outfielder is expected to rejoin the A’s at some point over the weekend during their series against the White Sox in Chicago.

Source: East Bay Bob Melvin on Chapman’s injury, what he’d change about interleague

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